The LifeCrystal®
            A gift from the earth for you………....


“Many people are searching for deeper meaning, truth and purpose in their lives.  To many of these people come natural quartz crystals.  Some are fortunate to receive a crystal, which so closely matches their own energy that the crystal is like an extension of their energy system.  Such a crystal vibrates with the same frequency as the individual and seems to manifest the essence of the person’s energy within it.”

These crystals are LifeCrystals®, capable of serving you for life.  They are crystals for healing and restoring your relationship to your True Self.  They are a bridge to the truth of who you are.  They interact with your unique energy to help you integrate your physical and spiritual dimensions and awaken you to your true nature, the source of the deeper meaning, truth and purpose that you seek.

The LifeCrystal® is a gift of pure consciousness to those seekers of truth who are ready to stop seeking truth and step into a direct experience of the truth of who they are, embody their True Self and experience the fulfillment of living an authentically awakened life.

Clearing Crystal Consciousness (1985)
Christa Faye Burka